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Conservative Leadership for District 8

A+ Pro Life Rating 

A+ Family Values Rating 

A+ Overall Conservative Rating 

Brandon Prichard serves District 8 as the incumbent State Representative, first elected in 2022. Born and raised in Bismarck, Brandon is an America First, Constitutionalist who has fought the special interest groups in Bismarck and WON. Now, Brandon is ready to go back to the legislature to get results for all North Dakotans.

Cut Reliance on Federal Spending

Brandon realizes that federal funding, while in some circumstances necessary, can be a slippery slope for federal overreach. Brandon will sponsor legislation to empower North Dakota to fund its own programs and rely on state funds instead of federal resources and the bureaucratic red-tape that accompanies the money.


Brandon has a strong record of calling out special interests, lobbyists, and corrupt government officials. If re-elected, Brandon will support legislation that increases transparency, safeguards open-records requests, and reins in the power of career politicians.

Build Strong Families & Communities

Brandon prioritizes legislation that encourages families to thrive while working to mitigate the unreasonable burden from Biden’s inflationary economy. Strong families, affordable farm land and housing, and investing in rural North Dakota will build better communities and encourage young talent to remain in-state.

Top Three Priorities

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