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Church & State Separation

The Establishment Clause of the Constitution prohibits an official state religion while also prohibiting the government from regulating reasonable religious practices and traditions. Therefore, specific religions cannot be favored or condemned by the government. It is important to note that while the Establishment Clause separates the church from state matters, it does not separate religion from politics. Brandon is a proud Christian who will serve based upon his faith and values rooted in both the Bible and the Constitution. Religious principles and values should be brought into public service as a guide, but the individual liberty to follow a religious tradition – or not – shall not be compromised.

Gun Rights

The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution and Article 1 Section 1 of the North Dakota Constitution clearly articulates that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms without overreaching interference from government. The US and North Dakota Constitutions did not merely legalize the selling and purchasing of weapons for hunting or sport. Gun ownership is also meant to protect individuals from all forms of tyranny and violence. North Dakotans should have the right to purchase man-portable firearms that can be safely used and stored. Recently proposed red flag laws threaten gun ownership. Brandon will not support these attempts to corrode individual liberty and protection. 


The greatest tragedy over the last 50 years in the United States has been the attack on life, whether through the legalization of abortion or the tolerance of euthanasia. Brandon believes that life begins at conception and ends only at natural death. The most American thing anyone can do is to stand up for the rights of someone else. Brandon will work tirelessly to protect life and will never vote for legislation that overrides the inalienable right to life for the unborn, elderly, or ill.

Political Integrity

There is nothing more destructive to the social and economic well-being of North Dakota than politicians that remain in office indefinitely, adapting their policy goals to the interests of lobbyists rather than observing set principles and answering to their districts. Brandon is a firm advocate for legislative and executive term limits, caps on political donations from public officials, and limits on out-of-state campaign contributions. He will work to limit the power grip of lifelong politicians while securing votes through commonsense voting reform like universal photo ID. 


In 2020, the CATO Institute ranked North Dakota as the worst state in the country for educational freedom. Meanwhile, the state barely reached the 50th percentile in education quality. North Dakota has top-rate teachers and administrators, but politicians have failed to build a curriculum that fosters patriotism, prepares students for real-world success, and gives students a head start in college or the workforce. Brandon is a firm proponent of school choice, legalizing charter schools, and investing in career and technical programs. He also will work to uproot forced ideologies in public universities such as CRT while preserving freedom of thought and expression.

Budget & Taxation

North Dakota’s workforce and natural abundance of resources have created a strong economy, well-paying job opportunities, and large revenues for the state government. Brandon believes that state budgets must be well-managed by investing in the long-term sustainability and growth of North Dakota. Spending tax dollars on pet projects and corporate subsidies is a mismanagement of funds and squanders North Dakota’s opportunity to lower property tax burdens on citizens, increase invests in vocational education, and create a business environment without predetermined winners and losers.   

Medical Freedom

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised questions about the role of government in North Dakota and around our country. While some states and cities have limited healthcare freedom, Brandon believes that North Dakota should pave the way by protecting individual choice. Under no circumstance should mask or vaccine mandates disrupt our workforce and community. No one, including healthcare workers, should be forced to abide by the whims of the CDC rather than their trusted doctor, family, and individual convictions.  


North Dakota has led the nation in energy production and remains a model for states around the country. While Brandon supports all forms of energy production, he believes that North Dakota should pursue energy solutions that are economically efficient, regionally viable, and free market based. Fossil fuels production (coal, oil, and NG) remains the most productive, accessible, and profitable resources in ND. Though wind and solar will have a role in the energy market, these sources of energy strain existing transmission lines, creating profit because of subsidies rather than productivity. 

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