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Rep. Brandon Prichard is a fifth generation North Dakotan and the Executive Director of Citizens Alliance of North Dakota, a non-profit group focused on keeping elected leaders accountable to their oath of office. During the 68th Legislative Session (2023-2025), he served on the House Agriculture and Health and Human Services committees. Brandon currently serves on the Interim Human Services Committee and the Administrative Rules Committee. Rep. Prichard is proud of his conservative voting record and his advocacy for foster care and adoption reform, protection of women and the unborn, and tax cuts for homeowners. According to Rep. Prichard, “North Dakota is the best place to live and raise a family. I want to do my part to make sure our state is the most family friendly and economically free state in the nation.” In 2023, Rep. Prichard was the primary sponsor of 8 bills and a co-sponsor on 24 bills, the most among active freshman members in the House of Representatives. 

Brandon graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where he quadruple-majored in history, philosophy, political science, and religious studies. He has also completed coursework at the University of Minnesota’s Law School and School of Public Policy. For his nexus of policy and legal education, Brandon was a national finalist for the competitive Truman Scholarship and received the University of Minnesota’s endorsement for a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford. Brandon has worked as a legal assistant for Eckland & Blando LLP in Minneapolis and as a technical specialist for BisManOnline in Bismarck. He also worked in inner-city public schools in Minneapolis for nearly three years as a mentor.

While Brandon is proud to be a fresh face in North Dakota politics, he is not new to the political scene. In 2018, Brandon worked on Kelly Armstrong’s successful congressional campaign in Bismarck helping the Armstrong team fundraise, advertise, and plan events. During his undergraduate education, Brandon worked in Kevin Cramer’s Bismarck Office on case work and constituent outreach. Today, Brandon is an active member in the ND Young Republicans.

After the 2023 legislative session, Brandon realized the need for legislative and statewide leaders to follow their oath of office and remain accountable to the voters that elected them to office. With the endless demands from lobbyists, behind-closed-doors dealmaking, and unabashed corruption in politics and industry, Brandon started Citizens Alliance of North Dakota to even the playing field for We The People and honest public servants. With the help of dozens of North Dakotans, Citizens Alliance of North Dakota will support candidates for elected office that stand by the constitution and call out politicians that lie and vote against North Dakota values.

Beyond his education and work experience, Brandon believes his biggest asset is the Christian values he bases his voting criteria upon and the conservative principles he brings to public service. Experience and education mean little if the principles that guide the voting habits of a politician are based on the checkbooks of lobbyists and elites rather than on unchanging principles of just governance and responsible rulemaking.


Rep. Prichard is proud to deny any monetary contributions from lobbyists, PACs, and interest groups in competitive elections. He believes that legislators should only answer to their personal convictions and the citizens of their state. For this reason, Brandon does not consider himself a politician, but a resident of District 8 willing to step up to the plate for political accountability, pro-family values, and the needs of rural North Dakota.


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